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How do I get electronic copies or prints of pictures?

Schools and Institutions:

I   offer a Google storage and download option to schools at no charge. If you would like to use  Google  please contact me and I will set up a link for you.  I will need an email address,  school name and contact name to set up the link

Parents and Family:

Individual electronic images may continue be downloaded  at no charge, however downloads of entire galleries will now include a charge to offset the cost of all the work that toes into the collection and storage of pictures.  Prints may  also be ordered from the SmugMug print vendor  who charges for printing and shipping and I also add  a  service and handling charge  to what the print vendor charges.    I retain copyright to all photographs.

1. Download and print or take to the vendor of your choice.

You may continue to download  individual pictures of your student athletes at no charge. The download of entire galleries will be charged going forward as I indicated above. I retain COPYRIGHT.  You have  permission to use pictures on Facebook or Social Media however it  is expected that you   give me credit for the picture.  All pictures have a watermark  and you do not have permission to remove it. Copyright data is   hidden  in the metadata of the picture.     If you print the picture or take it to a local business,      please be aware  that the quality of the printer and paper makes a huge difference in how the picture will look.  Many of the drugstore (type) vendors may  not use quality paper and  quality printers.  

2. Order prints from the Smugmug Vendor on this website.

Prints may be ordered by selecting the "order print" button.  Smugmug uses  high quality print vendors who offer several size / quality options that you will see when you click the button.  I add a service and handling charge when you order prints from the print vendor on this website.  I have used this vendor to buy prints and the quality is excellent.

If you have any questions please  use the "Contact " form on this page    to  send an email to me.

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Check back frequently as photographs are added as the season progresses.

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